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Mission.  There are so many different tools and suppliers that new metals artists often find it difficult to determine exactly what they need and where to get it, resulting in students arriving at class unprepared and lots of frustration all around.  Since 1999, EGGM Enterprises has addressed this problem by working with fine arts instructors, bookstores, and purchasing departments at various universities, community colleges, adult schools, community programs, and even middle schools and high schools to bring students the basic items they need to get started.  

Pricing.  EGGM is oriented to the individual, which means that a person can purchase small quantities of the items they need at larger order discount prices.  Many of the tools and other items offered by EGGM are the same as those offered by other jewelry supply businesses.  EGGM is able to offer very competitive pricing because there is very little overhead.  Purchase orders are accepted.

Supply Kits.  EGGM specializes in preparing custom supply "kits” for individual classes.  Instructors can use the site to make a kit and designate required supply items so students can easily purchase the items they need for their particular class.  EGGM also functions as a personal shopping service in that we research and add to the website items instructors need that are not currently offered.  Kits and custom metal cuts are available at no extra charge.

A Green Company.  EGGM has always been an environmentally conscious company and continues this tradition. The USPS is used for shipping since they already deliver to your location 6 days a week and little additional energy is used to deliver your items.  The USPS is also striving to be environmentally friendly by using energy efficient vehicles and recyclable materials.  Most of our packing and shipping materials are recyclable and we reuse packing material.

Shipping. We know that shipping costs are always a concern.  We evaluate every order to ensure that the lowest available shipping charge is used.  If we can ship an order for less in the same or faster shipping classification we will do so and will send the customer a refund as appropriate.  Many out-of-state customers (those not in CA) may receive a refund.
Safety.  Please always use protective gear and work in a safe environment!  Metal working can be a hazardous activity with fumes, particles, acids and hazards from equipment use.  Take time to educate yourself and implement safe practices.  And remember, while you may not be working with a hazardous item, the people in the area may be.  So be aware of your environment!  We are required to tell you that the State of California has determined that items used to construct jewelry and metal art are known to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.

Information on new products and specials are provided to EGGM Enterprises fans on Facebook.  EGGM Enterprises can also be found on Linkedin and listed with Ganoksin and SNAG.

Contact.  Please contact EGGM via email ([email protected]) or by phone at 310-780-6075.  Most orders received by 2:00 p.m. pst ship the same day, excluding weekends and holidays.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Thank you!  We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy the metal arts!

EGGM Enterprises

Authorized dealer for Grobet and Eurotool.

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